PSB… as they like to call it on telly

Over the past couple of months purple sprouting broccoli has been the darling of the magazine chefs, now we’ve had our fill from the allotment as the fresh stuff is just about all gone… wasn’t it good while it lasted. The fact they were charging £8 per kilo in some of the supermarkets made it taste even better!.

Purple gold

Did you know… that Bush (Snr) was anti broccoli

  • Allegedly, on March 18th 1990, President George W. Bush had broccoli banned from Air Force One. A few days later Apio Produce and the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association sent 20,000 pounds of fresh broccoli from California to the White House, to try to persuade the President to reconsider. The broccoli was donated to local food banks.

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