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A quick guide to the allotments


Ideally everyone will be composting organic waste and recycling other materials on their own plots, however if haven’t built yourself a bin yet or you cannot revive that broken wheel barrow there are specific places for things to go.

Suitable composting matter. There are communal composting bays, one at each end of the allotments. One is directly opposite the Havelock Road entrance, the other is near the Plough Lane entrance. Please ensure it is only compostable material is placed in these bays. NO PLASTIC please. If possible try to place the waste towards the back of the bay

Unsuitable organic matter Any matter that is unsuitable for composting, such as large shrubs or trees, that you cannot put to use on your plot can be placed on the communal bonfire (Plot 20) which is behind the composting bay near the Havelock Road entrance.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT dispose of Japanese Knotweed or bindweed in any of the rubbish bays. It should either be put on the communal bonfire, burnt on your plot or left to rot down in sealed black polythene sacks.

Non-compostable material. Obviously, re-use and recycling is better than dumping, but if you have no solution to your waste there is a concrete bay beside the shed at the Havelock Road entrance. This should only be used for rubbish that cannot be composted or burnt.


We have regular deliveries of manure from stables near and far – some of it comes from the stables in the village, and some from Buck House. The manure can be found near the composting bays at the Havelock Road and Plough Lane entrances. Please feel free to make use of any string that you may find in the manure – or at least put it to one side rather than leave it lying around for someone to trip up on

Rules and constitution


  • NAME: The Association shall be called the Havelock Allotments and Gardens Association
  • MEMBERSHIP: Any allotment holder or household gardener.
  • OBJECTS: The objects of the Association are to foster and promote among its members an interest in horticultural pursuits, to secure horticultural supplies for resale to members, and to arrange an Annual Garden Produce show (if required by members), and to take any action considered necessary by the Committee to protect the tenure of our Allotment Gardens.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions for annual membership of the Association shall be:  £2 per member, per annum.  Subscriptions due on 1st January.
  • OFFICERS: Officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  • COMMITTEE: Shall consist of at least seven members in addition to the Officers and shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  • COMMITTEE MEETINGS: To be held at least once a quarter.
  • ANNUAL GENERAL: Shall be held during the month of June and shall be
  • MEETINGS: Convened by means of a notice issued not less than 14 days prior to the date of the Meeting.
  • SPECIAL MEETINGS: The Chairman will call a Special Meeting on receipt of a motion for discussion submitted in writing and supported by signatures of not less than 12 fully paid up members.
  • QUORUM: 12 members shall form a quorum at any AGM or Special Meeting.
  • REPORTS: Shall be presented by the Chairman, Secretary and  Treasurer  at the Annual General Meeting.
  • FINANCE: The Financial Year of the Association shall be from 1st January to 31st December.  All monies shall be administered by the Committee and the Treasurer shall maintain a full record of receipts and disbursements.  All monies received surplus to outgoings shall be paid into a banking account, in the name of the Association, and all orders for payment from any such account shall be signed by any two of the following:-   Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary.
  • DISSOLUTION OF The Association may be wound up only at the AGM or at a ASSOCIATION: Special Meeting called with the sole purpose of discussing the matter. In the event of the Association winding up, all assets of the Association shall be realised and the monies shall be donated between the National Society of Leisure Gardners Ltd  and local charities as selected by the committee .
  • AFFILIATIONS: The Association shall affiliate to the National Society of Leisure Gardners Ltd. The Royal Horticultural Society and  to any other Association that the Committee or membership shall deem desirous from time to time.
  • AUDITORS: The Annual General Meeting shall elect two Auditors to examine the books of the Association annually.
  • ALTERATIONS:    These Rules and Constitution may be altered nly by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Any matter arising not specifically covered by these Rules and Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee.