We know that the Havelock Rd Plots were being used in the 1930’s. Has anyone ever found when they were first used? They were originally managed by Wimbledon Town Council, but I cannot find any information from that time.

Does anyone have any memories, old Commitee Minutes or records? As far as I know our longest serving plottie has had a plot here for 58 years, can anyone beat that? He thinks the charge for a plot when he started was 1/6d per year.

War time Pig Clubs

Wartime meat rationing increased the need for people to keep animals for food. Groups of neighbours formed Pig Clubs which jointly owned and reared a few pigs. Any kitchen waste which could be saved or collected was fed to the pigs, then when the pigs were ready to butcher, the club members had a share of the pork or bacon produced. The Small Pig Keepers’ Council persuaded local councils to allow people to keep a pig in their back yard – imagine that!

All over the country, local people grouped together to form these clubs, and the folk at Havelock Road allotments were no exception – where Plot 20, the composting area is today, was the site of the old pig club.

Above shows an ARP sergeant from a nearby Wandsworth club is fulfilling his duties as a pig club member.

we often associate rationing with the ’39–’45 war though even during the first world war, an area of Wimbledon Park that had once been used for polo near Horse Close Wood, was converted to a piggery to help the war effort. There was great hilarity when in 1918, Queen Mary was presented with a pig when visiting park. There is a photograph of the occasion in the museum, and both are smiling!

A right royal porker

If you know any more about the Havelock pig club please get in touch.


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